About the Artist

Sam Runyon is an avid Longboarder and Woodworker from Como Park in Saint Paul Minnesota. He has been working with wood ever since he figured out which side of the knife was pointy. Sam runs Hammertoe LLC out of his garage with the help of his brother Bryan, his father Dan, and his Fiancé Kenzie.

Sam sources nearly 90% of his wood locally from Minnesota and the Twin Cities area. Recently, a large portion of his wood has been harvested by Sam from family property in northern Minnesota.
Sam started Hammertoe LLC in 2021 as a way to express himself artistically, and show his appreciation for his craft. Sam chose Longboards because they are functional art that allow the user to show everyone around town their personalized example of "Custom Handcrafted Art You Can Ride".
-Sam riding at Push for Awareness - End the Stigma of Mental Illness. Fundraising longboard ride in 2022.